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Direct, PCR free detection of microRNAs – A transformation for biomarker detection and diagnosis

57,000 publications on microRNAs since 2010, covering every cancer. But no diagnostic assays have appeared yet. Significant issues remain of cost and reproducibility that limit application of microRNAs as valuable clinical biomarkers. If one asks researchers and clinicians what they would like in order to have confidence in the application of microRNAs as clinically valuable biomarkers, by way of better tools and protocols, the ‘wish list’ is: Removal of front-end isolation and purification steps; No more PCR for short RNAs; Handling of liquid biological samples through to analysis without any refrigeration, including any transport and storage; Reproducible, quantitative, high specificity and sensitivity results in less than two hours. And multiplex capability too. DestiNA Genomics through its unique chemistry is now capable of delivering this transformation in the analysis and quantification of microRNAs.