Workshop – How to design a successful mentoring program? (TopMinds)


For anyone who is interested to learn:

  1. about mentorship and its impacts on a career development and personal growth;
  2. how to become a good mentor;
  3. and how to mentor students and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Also, this workshop is for those – individuals, organizations, employers – who plan to engage in or to start their own mentoring programs.


This is a unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of the most successful mentoring programs that the Top 500 Innovators have been involved with, such as “Girls-go-startup Academy!”, “TopMinds” and “Młodzi w Łodzi”. The invited guests – program founders, mentoring consultants, mentors and mentees – will share their experiences on how to plan a mentoring program, recruit mentors and mentees, sustain the commitment of the participants and improve the quality of the program. Our guests will also provide valuable guidelines for establishing a successful mentoring relationship. Panel discussion and Q&A will allow sharing best practices and talking about building standards for future mentoring programs.


  • Talk on “The impact of mentoring on career development and personal growth”
  • Presentation of mentoring programs: “Girls-go-startup Academy!”, “TopMinds”, “Młodzi w Łodzi”
  • Panel discussion with the invited guests
  • Q&A session

There is no limit on the number of participants. The workshop will be held in Polish.