The Top 500 Innovators Affiliate Brokerage Event – Information Technology


The meeting is open for:

  • IT companies seeking new technologies to get new market advantage
  • Venture Capital funds that invest in IT technologies
  • Developers of new technologies in the IT sector
  • Researchers in the field of IT

Top 500 Innovators Affiliate Program is the first affiliate program in Poland. It is a comprehensive response to high-tech business needs in establishing long term relationships and close cooperation with inventors of new technologies. The high quality of this co-operation results in perfect adjustment of new solutions to the needs of the company. This is the key to maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage in the market of high technologies. Inventors associated in our program express a strong commitment in cooperation with companies.

All conference participants are welcome to attend the event. If you wish to attend to the Affiliates program only, please use this linklink.


All this in just one place, which is time-efficient, as the Top 500 Innovators brings together 500 employees from 55 universities in Poland, 50 research institutes and 14 transfer centers.

Previous Brokerage Events gathered many participating companies and their interest has been translated into cooperation in Defence&Security and Energy sectors, with key companies in Poland.

The program is inspired by affiliate programs successfully operating on world leading universities like the University of California Berkeley and Stanford University. Affiliate programs encourage an environment of cooperation between academia and business. Each program is dedicated to a specific technical field. Cooperation within an affiliate program is based on regular networking events that give the opportunity to exchange knowledge about new technologies and discuss new trends. Thanks to periodic meetings, participants build a relationship fruitful for both sides. Companies obtain access to highly qualified experts which generates an impact on future research activities. On the other hand, inventors can learn about company needs, verify developed ideas and gain partners for testing and market introduction of provided solutions. In the USA, affiliate programs are paid for by business participants.


During the meeting, Top 500 Innovators alumni as well as invited guests will present technologies that rely on groundbreaking scientific research. Many of them reached a prototype stage or even were tested in real operation environment and are ready to be implemented. Top 500 Innovators Affiliate Brokerage Event gives a chance to build relations with outstanding scientists and technological companies.
During the event we have prepared:

  • TECH PITCH – presentation of latest technologies developed by scientists from Top500 Innovators network
  • TECH TALKS – brokerage meeting with scientists, that will take place after the presentations
  • TECH WORKSHOPS – interactive workshop in interdisciplinary teams that aims in finding a solution for real challenge given by a company
  • Networking