Workshop – My Open Innovation Network – development of tools supporting technology transfer to SME. Design Thinking Workshop (ARP, Contilo)

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are interested in buying/selling technology at the level of TRL7 or higher,
  • You are looking for a partner with the technology of your interest in Poland or abroad,
  • You want to verify technology or need a professional consulting regarding it,
  • You want to become an accredited advisor of the Industrial Development Agency in the field of technology, IP protection, valuation,
  • You want to know how the Design Thinking method can be applied in practice

The Industrial Development Agency, as the substantive meetup partner, would like to invite you to participate in the workshop. We will work together on solutions and recommendations for changes in the Open Innovation Network program (Sieć Otwartych Innowacji). The program supports all versions of the technology transfer to SME (up to de minimis value) and offers consultancy (technology, IP protection, valuation, support in finding the partner), promotion and training regarding this scope. During the workshop both: technology authors and investors will have the possibility to influence the Network offer and the way in which it is communicated to assure it meets their needs. We will develop the solutions together that will let the Agency successfully support your actions regarding the technology transfer.

Workshop participants work will be based on their own experiences to satisfy their and their partners’ need. The program will include:

  1. Understanding of the need and limitations of our partners – presentation of the Industrial Development Agency
  2. Analysis of the need, expectations and problems of the Network beneficiary – workshop participants are in the role of the potential recipient of the program or its intermediary
  3. Definition of the need and motivation to participate in the program
  4. Generation of ideas for fulfilling the abovementioned needs
  5. Prototyping of the ideas with the use of office tools
  6. Testing of ideas – “reception” of the results by the orderer

Share your experience and design the solution suited for your needs together with the Industrial Development Agency and Contilo.