Gonczarek Adam

Co-Founder and CTO @ Alphamoon

Adam Gonczarek is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Alphamoon, a Polish company providing AI and machine learning services. He obtained his PhD in computer science at Wrocław University of Science and Technology, where he also worked as an Assistant Professor until 2019. He gained his experience working as a contractor, AI team leader and consultant on several R&D and commercial projects for big industries and startups. He has co-authored several scientific papers in top-tier journals, including Bioinformatics & Applied Soft Computing, and workshop publications at prestigious conferences, including ICML & NIPS. He is also an experienced academic lecturer, twice awarded by students for his teaching skills. Privately he is passionate about traveling and orienteering.

Alphamoon helps other companies to introduce their own cutting edge AI solutions. The company offers consulting and support in building individual data strategies, helps to optimize business processes by unlocking the potential of data, and provides expertise in developing from bare reasoning engines up to fully-fledged applications. Alphamoon team consists of talented and top qualified professionals with backgrounds in industry and academia. The company has extensive experience in applying AI and machine learning technologies in various industries, including banking, marketing, manufacturing and pharma. It also conducts research and development works.