Grudniak Olga

CEO and Founder @ Biolumo

CEO of Biolumo – MedTech company developing a point-of-care device of general practitioners to help them prescribe proper antibiotics. Have been working in biotech projects for 5 years now, combining scientist role with project management and business management. Worked on a new generation drug for MRSA.

Biolumo is a MedTech developing a point-to- care device to help general practitioners with the selection of the right antibiotic for their patients. Right now, GPs have to make a decision based on empiric data but it has a 50% failure rate. They can also prescribe antibiogram but it takes at least 48 hours to get the results. Our goal is to provide them with a point-of-care device that will perform an antibiotic-resistance test in just 6 hours.