Łapczyńska-Pieprz Magdalena


Senior Business Development Manager at Silesian Catalysts.
She received her PhD at Wrocław University of Environment and Life Science, at The Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Geodesy. In her scientific work, she focused on the study of speciation of elements in soil. After graduating, she started working at Silesian Catalysts as the head of the research laboratory. She co-created the analytical methods used in the laboratory. Currently, she deals with consulting and advanced data analysis using machine learning methods.

We are a team that combines expert knowledge from the chemical industry and IT. The primary goal of Silesian Catalysts was development and commercialization of innovative methods of advanced organic synthesis. Our chemometrics experience had allowed us to create first in Poland, cloud-based system for validation of analytical methods. Today, we focus our activities around Industry 4.0. Currently, we solve chemical and petrochemical industry problems using machine learning. In our activity, we focus on several aspects:  the integrity of industrial installations, production processes optimization in terms predicting the quality of the product. We also cooperate on projects related to modern agriculture with a company from space sector.