Łapczyński Radosław

Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder @ SatRevolution

A Chief Science Officer and co-founder of SatRevolution S.A. – a leading, Polish space industry company, responsible for Poland’s first commercial satellite – Światowid. SatRevolution is a producer of payloads and complete spacecrafts for space industry. It is focused on small, lightweight and reliable spacecrafts. The company aims to create constellation of earth observation satellites capable of imaging every place on Earth every hour – a Real-time Earth observation Constellation (REC).

A co-author of 5 patent applications, always looking for new ideas and possibilities in the acquisition and processing of data and in the application based on them. Interested in the technological possibilities offered by the use of artificial intelligence methods in the analysis of data and usage. Proponent of commercially available off-the-shelf products and services and their usage in building innovative solutions.

A CEO in Silesian Catalysts – an innovative chemical company that skillfully combines knowledge of chemical engineers with the advanced process data analysis. By combining process expertise with cloud computing technology, we help our customers improve the efficiency of their chemical business by leveraging the hidden potential of their Big Data.


Company established in 2016 to construct the first, Polish Earth Observation satellite – Światowid. SatRevolution is operating in large and growing space market worth over $380B (according to Space Foundation’s “The Space Report”). Since 2016 SatRevolution raised over $1.5M for development of engineering team and manufacturing capabilities as well as construction and launch of Światowid. Other SatRevolution projects are KrakSat and AMICal Sat. KrakSat is joint project with AGH University of Science and Technology. It is an academic nanosatellite carrying ground-breaking scientific experiment – a ferrofuild flywheel and will be launched in April 2019. AMICal Sat is satellite co-created with Grenoble University for the purpose of auroral observation in low-light conditions; to be launched in Fall 2019.

SatRevolution is forerunner of space industry in Poland, capable of designing, manufacturing, integrating and testing of complete satellite systems. SatRevolution is cooperating with several scientific institutions such as Grenoble University Space Centre, Wrocław University of Technology, AGH University in Krakow. Participant of a SME pilot program of UN’s International Telecommunication Union. Sales of nanosatellites will be main source of revenue up to completion of Real-time Earth observation Constellation.

SatRevolution develops a Real-time Earth observation Constellation. A ground-breaking Earth observation system, composed of numerous nanosatellites capable of imaging Earth in high resolution. Constellation will image every place on Earth in up to hourly intervals creating a unparalleled Earth observation service – offering high resolution images in short periods of time.