Bzdzion Łukasz

Founder and CEO @ Bioceltix

Biotechnologist and molecular biologist. An intern at Medical College of Georgia in the USA. He graduated in “Management of Research Studies and Development Works” and worked at the Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Wrocław Research Centre EIT+. He was also a scientific consultant specializing in the area of life sciences at WWR International. He has also authored several scientific publications and was a participant of numerous conferences, workshops and scientific symposiums. The founder and CEO at Bioceltix.

Łukasz Bzdzion has been recognized as one of the 50 most-creative people in business – leading his company to participation in the MIT accelerator program and participation in the finals of the Chivas Ventures competition.

At Bioceltix, we harness the therapeutic potential of MSC to develop innovative biopharmaceuticals for pets focusing on areas with high demand for new therapies. The veterinary medicines, based on the immunomodulatory mechanism of action of MSC, will be an alternative to the symptomatic pharmacotherapy focused mainly on alleviating pain and inflammation. Our goal is to create analgesic and anti-inflammatory biopharmaceuticals that will induce the natural mechanisms of regenerating tissues affected by the disease. Bioceltix is implementing an animal-safe technology for the therapeutic use of allogeneic stem cells (one donor – many recipients), characterised by business scalability, as one of the world’s pioneers. Our technology allows the pharmaceutical to be batch-produced, without the need to collect the patient’s biological material each time. This is in contrast to treatments based on autologous transplants, wherein the MSCs are administered back to the patient after isolation and necessary processing. Biopharmaceuticals based on allogeneic cells can be made available off the shelf at the veterinary clinic, which increases treatment comfort and simplifies the procedure.