Michael Mbogoro, PhD

Senior Consultant @ Oxentia - Oxford’s University Global Consultancy

Michael has a consultancy background with a focus on new technologies in the chemicals and materials sectors.

At Oxentia, Michael is involved in all aspects of KEC where he has extensive expertise on developing route-to-market strategies and supporting translational activities.

He is also an experienced trainer providing training on KEC related activities for business developers and entrepreneurs.

Finally, Michael has also been involved in the design and development of entrepreneurship centres and technology transfer partnerships with organisations in Europe and Latin America.

Michael has an MSc in biological chemistry and a PhD in Physical and Electro-chemistry from the University of Warwick.  His professional experience started with a post-doctoral position in which his research spanned across areas as diverse as medicinal, environmental and physical chemistry.

While at Frost and Sullivan, he provided strategic support to multinational companies in the chemicals, materials and food sectors. Specific areas of expertise include scouting, mapping and validating new technologies and early stage players in this sector.