Nowacki Dorian

Co-Founder and CEO @ Health Inn Med

Dorian Nowacki received Ph.D. degree from the Faculty of Medicine of the Wroclaw Medical University. His Doctoral research was  related to the effect of new innovative phospholipids on hypertension. After graduation, he was hired as Assistant Professor at the University of Wroclaw and at the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences, where he was dealing with the role of functional food and innovative bio-products in prevention of civilization diseases.

The implementation potential research allows to be a laureate of the Top 500 Innovators Programme led by Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Within the programme he took a professional internship at the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford.
The first scientific experience he gained in Italy at the University of Rome Tor Vergata in bio-tech field related to microgravity effect on embryo development. He also gained international experience at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel and at the National Council of Research in Rome in Italy

Currently, as the co-founder and CEO of Health Inn Med sp. o. o. [ltd.] he is involved in Dietetics and Innovative Medical Nutrition.