Orzechowski Leszek

Architect and Founder @ Space is More

Leszek Orzechowski is an architect and founder of Space is More. In his work and research, he focuses on space architecture and user-centered aspects of human spaceflight. Leszek is responsible for the design and operations of Lunares Research Station. The station is an analog habitat designed to study human health and psychology during simulated manned planetary missions. Leszek also participates in several European research projects as space architect.

Space is More sp. z o.o. is a research team focused on space architecture and engineering. The team created a number of scientific reports on theoretical future manned Moon and Mars missions
presented during international competitions and conferences. Space is More is a winner of ESA Moon Challenge for a report on returning to the Moon in the next decade and a finalist of NASA 3d-Printed Habitat Challenge on creating future Mars base using 3d-printing. Currently, Space is More is operating and conducting research in Lunares Research Station. The station is an analog habitat designed to study human health and psychology during simulated manned planetary missions. Lunares Research Station is the only private analog habitat in Europe and already hosted dozen of research teams from all over the world.