Kowalczyk Tomasz

Founder and CEO @ Neurosys

Entrepreneur with 12 years of experience in IT, founder and CEO of NeuroSYS – 50+ software house with a strong R&D focus, with customers from all over the world and co-founder of nsFlow – the company that aims to transform the process of creating AR applications by moving it from the sphere of customized services to DIY zone (planned to be launched in 2019). He gave up an academic career for the sake of implementing the newest developments in science and technology in practice, and regrets nothing. He specializes in IT management, business analysis, software architecture, .NET, JavaScript, agile, artificial intelligence, deep learning, augmented reality and XC flying after working hours. He believes that only great teams can build great products.

NeuroSYS is a software development company that delivers custom IT solutions in a predictable way. We help businesses bring their ideas to life from scratch, as well as rescue ongoing projects.
Since 2010 we’ve successfully implemented >50 projects for our clients around the world, never constrained by tough deadlines and requirements, distance, technical limitations or lack
of imagination. With a focus on quality and efficiency, we keep improving our processes, remaining true to agile principles. We believe that new technologies will reshape businesses and whole industries as we know them now. Willing to be a part of that change we’ve launched R&D department that conducts research in the field of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and deep learning, and develops solutions for their commercial application.