Wizińska-Socha Patrycja

Co-founder and CEO @ Nestmedic

Patrycja Wizińska–Socha, MD PhD is a co-founder and CEO of Nestmedic S.A. Referred to an expert in the areas she deals with. Her professional life is also her passion, which is why she easily absorbs new information and practical skills, which ensures her intensive development. She is full of enthusiasm for the tasks she carries out and for the people with whom she works. She likes to challenge herself. She is a pharmaceutical biotechnologist by education, a graduate of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. She received her PhD from the University of Medical Sciences in Wrocław which as she explains appealed more to her heart than to her mind. She comes from Wałbrzych, a city that was and is amazing, mysterious and inspiring for her (and it’s not just about the fever of gold trains).

Nestmedic S.A. is an innovative technology company operating in the telemedicine and digital health sector, a dynamically developing medical market segment across the world. We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals from various fields: electronics, modern communication technologies, medicine, digital health, user experience, and business development – all experienced in designing, building, implementation and support of telemedicine projects. Our innovative solution – Pregnabit system – enables fetal health monitoring anytime and anywhere. Pregnabit as a medical solution, telemedical software and Medical Telemonitoring Center is present on the market since 2017. During this time, several thousand CTG tests were made at patients’ homes and analyzed by the specialists in our Medical Telemonitoring Center.